HK Army HSTL Skull Crypt paintball masker

€ 109,90 € 105,95

Paintball Goggle HK Army HSTL Skull Crypt, grey

The Skull Mask is a special variant of the popular HSTL mask. The front part of the mask was modeled after a skull which makes for an aggressive-cool look.

High-end features for an affordable price!

The HK Army HSTL paintball goggle system sets new standards in the mid-price segment.

Features such as quick-change lenses, replaceable foam, visor, and the chin strap, which makes the goggle sit tight even when performing the most stylish Superman dive. These features can only be found in the most expensive masks or you need to buy them as separate upgrades! HK Army's HSTL goggle has these pro-player features included for a bargain.

Made from a combination of modern polymers, the mask easily defies hits, impacts, or other physical forces. Due to the very generously cut face guard, critical areas in your face are well protected.

The HSTL lenses offer a very large field of vision and thanks to the optically correct curvature nothing is distorted in your line of vision. Also, the HSTL lenses protect against UVA, UVB and IR radiation. The cherry on top is the foolproof lens quick-change system. No other mask lets you change lenses faster (at least, we didn't manage it faster on any other google in our test).

What you get by buying the HSTL goggle is huge: Included is a comfy chin strap, a dual headstrap feature, and the goggle also comes with a removable visor standard.

Pro Player Features:

  • The face guard is modeled like a skull
  • Special color variant with mirror finish thermal lens
  • Dual-pane thermal lens with a large field of view
  • Tool-less quick-change lens system
  • Protection against UVA, UVB and IR radiation
  • Replaceable mask foam
  • Generously cut face guard
  • Removable visor


- HSTL Mask
- Removable visor
- Chin Strap
- Dual Headstrap