Hopper HK Army Sonic

€ 119,95

Hopper HK Army Sonic black

The HK Army Sonic Paintball Hopper is the next generation of proven paintball technology! The Sonic Loader lives up to its name and feeds paintballs quickly and reliably into the marker at a rate of up to 16+ BPS. The Sonic is not only fast but with a weight of about 340 grams also incredibly light!

The Loaders tool-less construction is made of durable nylon material, preventing fractures and damage on impact. It also features a tool-free removable tray for easy cleaning and maintenance. The newly designed "H" board increases battery life and efficiency, which allows the loader to run on just one 9V battery for up to 18 cases of paintballs.

Those who want to play the Sonic Loader with a speed feed can use any Spire 3/4/5/IR2 compatible feed such as the HK Army EVO Pro, Virtue Crown SF2, Crown SF-R, and more.


  • High-quality and durable shell made of nylon material
  • Easy to use due to the one-touch button
  • Easy to clean, as completely tool-less
  • Energy efficient, one 9V battery lasts approx. 18 cases
  • 200 shot capacity
  • With a spring-loaded ramp, which transports paintballs into the feed system
  • Compatible with all Virtue Spire 3/4/5/IR2 speed feeds