hpa tank 0,8ltr armotech planet eclipse set

€ 199,95 € 194,95

HPA Tank 4500psi PE 0,8l "Stubby" Armotech ultralight, black

We present you exclusively the Planet Eclipse "Stubby" HP bottle (powered by Armotech) in a classy black design with a capacity of 0.8l at 300 bar (48ci / 4500psi). The bottle features a very high quality construction, a low weight and an extremely compact size. Absolutely recommended for every snake player or those who want an extremely short setup.

The absolute highlight is the low weight of only 650 grams!

Technical Data:
Empty weight: 650 grams
Length: 15,9 cm
Circumference: 11,1 cm
TÜV every 5 years
Maximum lifespan 10 years
TÜV/ PI Certified
0,8 liter 300 bar / 48ci 4500psi
The bottle has the required TUV / PI certifications for Europe 

Let op, fles is exclusief regulator...