virtue eclipse ego etek laser eyes

€ 29,95 € 27,50

Get Virtue’s advanced eye technology for your Ego and Etek. Customize
your gun with an easy-to-install upgrade that adds enhanced technology,
improves reliability and increases the battery life of your gun. Virtue
Laser Eye emitter draws less power than the stock eyes resulting in up
to 50+% less power being used by the eyes.Virtue laser eyes are a
complete replacement for the stock eyes. Virtue lasers eyes use enhanced
dual spectrum technology to scan both the infrared and visible light
spectrums, taking ball detection technology to the next level. Plus,
with Virtue laser eyes, you can instantly confirm whether or not your
breakbeam eyes are functioning.

Key Features:

  • Compatible
    with all Egos and Eteks (stock and aftermarket boards)
  • Improved
    Battery Life (up to 50% less consumption than the stock eyes)
  • Enhanced
    eye operation
  • Improved reliability
  • Dual spectrum
    technology (DST): Infrared and visible light
  • Glowing laser
    eyes instantly confirms eye operation
  • Compatible with stock
    board and all aftermarket boards