tippmann a5x7 valve 02-25V2

€ 24,95

02-V v2 Tippmann Complete Valve Assembly for all versions of the A5 and X7


  • 02-25 v2 Valve Body - 2"
    • longer than the old 02-25 body by 1/16"
  • TA01058 Valve Oring Large / Tombstone Seal
    • Thicker oring for the longer valve body.
  • 98-PL Cup Seal & Stem Complete
  • 02-71 Valve Spring Washer
  • PA-32 Valve Spring
  • CA-27 Front Valve Seat
  • SL2-25 Valve Seat Oring
  • 98-12A Rear Bolt / Valve Body Oring

Compatibility and Tech Notes:

  • This longer valve assembly was an upgrade from the 02-V and was used in all A5's and X7's.  If you have an A5, this is still the current and correct valve.PMANN