€ 34,95

The idea behind  MRT® (Mass Reduction Technology) Bolt System is to reduce the moving mass inside the marker to the bare minimum. The MRT Bolt for the BT TM-7 marker is only 6.5 Grams. Lightening the bolt means that the marker will naturally have less kick/recoil and take less pressure and time to move the bolt back and forth. This means your marker will produce less vibration and recoil with each shot. This in turn allows you to stay on target better ….hence shoot more of your opponents. Our testers also said they experienced better accuracy and increased shots per tank over the stock bolt.


Like all TechT bolts, the TM7 and TM15 MRT bolts have been through rigorous R&D and field testing. This testing guided our bolt to what is now the MRT. Initial prototypes saw the removal of the "cup seal" on the front of the stock bolt. After testing various other o-rings and seals, we decided that the MRT needed this cup seal on the front of the bolt for the best performance. The removal of this cup seal, like on other competitors’ bolts, actually yielded worse efficiency and a loss of up to 15 fps compared to a bolt with the proper cup seal. This important recognition sets the MRT TM7 and TM15 bolts apart from their competition; no other aftermarket bolt maintains this important seal. The lightweight and clever design of the MRT Bolt make it the most efficient and fastest bolt available for your TM7 or TM15