Manta vulstation with Hose Scuba Fill Station / Paintball Fill Station

€ 92,95

Manta Transfiller paintball filling station for diving bottles. This Manta filling station is screwed directly into the outlet of your diving tank (200 or 300 bar outlet pressure) (5/8" connection). The "filling nipple" of your compressed air tank is inserted into the small opening at the other end of the hose. Open the valve of the diving tank and the compressed air is transferred from the diving bottle to the HP bottle.After filling, you bleed the transfiller using the ventilation valve.


The hose is very flexible. This greatly simplifies the filling process. Maximum outlet pressure of 35 MPa, the filling station is designed for 200 bar and 300 bar.


Weight: about 350g


Dimensions: 280x38x38mm