Exalt IGNITION Trigger Planet Eclipse EMEK100/EMF100

€ 44,95

Exalt IGNITION Trigger tbv Planet Eclipse EMEK 100/EMF100 zwart

The Exalt IGNITION Trigger for the Emek and EMF100 markers is precision machined from billet aircraft aluminum and designed to give your Planet Eclipse Emek and EMF100 maximum comfort and speed. Equipped with two high-speed stainless ball bearings and stainless adjustment elements that resist rust, corrosion and delamination, the Exalt Emek trigger is designed to outlast the competition.


- Ultralight design with skeleton cuts to reduce weight
- Rounded design / no hard edges for maximum comfort
- 3-way adjustable; Trigger pre-run, post-run and activation point
- Includes specially adapted stainless steel twist knurls to keep it in place.