SSF foam kit for dye i4

€ 16,95

High-quality, new mask foam kit from the manufacturer Dynamic Sports Gear, suitable for all Dye I4 mask models.

The SSF (Super Soft Foam) mask foam kits are characterized by a novel, 3-layer manufacturing process and a self-adhesive surface.

Product details / Construction of the SSF mask foam kits:

1st layer: Semi-solid EVA hard foam to absorb impacts and impacts (hitting paintballs) on the mask frame.

2nd layer: Soft, breathable filter foam for gentle, optimal wearing comfort. Absorbs sweat and paint and locks it in the foam.

3rd layer: Super-soft, breathable microfibre surface for optimal comfort on the skin, no more scratching and itching.

Unlike the foam kits from other manufacturers, no glue is needed for the installation, which means no bad odor during installation and subsequent wearing, no irritation of skin and eyes and no damage to the glasses due to adhesive vapors!