Freak case 2023 (leeg)

€ 49,95

GOG Freak Mini Case (round) for the Freak and Freak XL.
This lightweight but strong case can hold up to 8 differant Freak XL Inserts, as well as one Tips and one Back (not included).
Being design for the Freak XL 8 inch Inserts it will hold the classic Freak 5 inch Insert as well, together with one Tip and one Back.

Maybe you have lost your Freak Case, or it got damaged while protecting your Freak Kit,
or you buy your Freak parts piece by piece,
This Case is a good investment for storing and transporting your Freak Barrel Parts.

34cm length
10cm diameter

Compatible with Freak and Freak XL

case bevat geen freak inserts of barrel