Bunkerkings cmd masker Black Acid LE

€ 189,95 € 169,95

The new BunkerKings CMD Black Acid

Command Paintball / airsoft Thermal Mask was developed by the experienced paintball professional Maximus Lundquist and has been specially developed for the demands of high end paintball tournament sports.

Numerous standart features of current high-end masks such as the Virtue VIO were almost taken over and improved. The BunkerKings CMD offers the most breathable mask frame worldwide. The many large Venntilationsöffnungen provide optimal air supply which not only makes breathing easier, but also improves the communication on the field and at the same time prevents the mask glass foggy.

The soft, multi-layer microfibre mask foam and a wide, rubberized mask band ensure pleasant wearing comfort and perfect fit in any game situation.

Features of the BunkerKings CMD mask:

- Best Ventialtion on the market

- Anti-echo design for better communication

- High end design, developed by experienced professionals

- Compatible with all Virtue VIO mason jars

- Anatomical design

- Flexible mask frame (bounce area!)

- Extremely comfortable to wear due to soft inner surfaces

- Delivery incl. Mask bag in the model design

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