Valken mi3 single clear field masker

€ 26,95

Valken mi3 single clear paintball masker met een gunstig prijskaartje

The Valken MI-3 is a reasonably priced, robust paintball mask for beginners. It offers good wearing comfort, a 260 degree field of vision and optimal protection.

Thanks to the quick-change function, the mask glass can be changed in just a few steps and in just a few moments. It goes without saying that thermal glasses of the Valken Annex Paintball Mask series can also be retrofitted, so that you can also turn the MI-3 into a fully-fledged thermal mask.

Available in different colors for better recognition of teams. Therefore, also suitable for paintball fields.

Product details of the Valken MI-3 Paintball Mask:

- 260 degrees field of vision

- simple masked glass (clear)

- stable plastic frame

- made very sturdy

- fast glass change possible

- stable and easy to clean mask foam