la infamous spartan skeleton handschoenen M

€ 17,50

The US Pro Team Los Angeles Infamous brings the Spartan glove, a new, very inexpensive paintball tournament glove onto the market.

The very minimalist design does without expensive features, but not the well-known LA Infamous Style. For this purpose, the surface of the gloves was equipped with soft padding in the form of a skeleton hand. The padding protects the back of the hand of the player from painful hits and at the same time offers the usual cool LA Infamous look.

The inside of the hand is made of sturdy, non-slip material for optimum grip on the marker. Thanks to the very thin, but nevertheless durable material, the player always has full control over the marker. Operating the trigger (triggering) is also very easy with these gloves.

Product details of the LA Infamous Spartan Gloves:

- Minimalistic, ultra-light design

- Back of the hand with protective padding in LA Infamous Skeleton design

- Maximum freedom of movement and good trigger feeling

- Non-slip palm for maximum grip

- Stable, abrasion-resistant material

- Top price-performance ratio

- Available in sizes S / M / L / XL (please note the size chart)