Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 .68 Cal zwart paintball marker

€ 299,00

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 .68 Cal zwart

The perfect price-performance ratio makes the EMEK (based on the ETHA2 platform) the most popular Entry-Level marker from Planet Eclipse. The reliable and rugged jack of all trades combines the durability and simple maintainability of a standard Blowback marker with the smooth shot and air-efficiency of the Gamma Core. Once you got your hands on an EMEK you’ll never go back to Blowback!

The hoseless air-through design combined with its compact dimensions makes the EMEK easy to handle while the SL4 regulator and the Gamma Core ensure simple maintenance.

The internal aluminum-body and the GRN outer shell don’t just ensure its absolute durability, combined with its mechanical function and the 8” barrel they are also responsible for the weight of only 851g.

Tuning without limits!
Select the two-piece LV1 tuning barrel 14" inch under "barrel kit" to be extremely flexible. The LV1 tuning barrel can be combined with all front or rear parts of the Shaft4, Shaft5, Shaft FR, Shaft Pro Tip and Shaft Quake series. For more information about this legendary barrel system, see here

If you would like your marker to look a bit more Milsim-style, you can just add the EMC Body Kit (sold separately) for an authentic scenario-look.

- Mechanical marker with Gamma Core performance
- Available in Cal.50 und Cal.68
- Cure ST 1 Bolt System based on the CS-Gamma-Core platform
- Hoseless design
- Ideal for beginners and field owners
PAL Enabled Marker

- Robust card board box
- Planet Eclipse EMEK 100
- One-piece, Shaft Barrel 10" 

- Planet Eclipse Allen Key Set
- Planet Eclipse Grease, 10ml
- Planet Eclipse Barrel Sock
- Manual