Tippmann stormer tactical marker

€ 197,95

Tippmann STORMER Tactical

Stormer tactical paintball marker de beste opvolger van de tippmann 98, en copleet met stoere looks waardoor je niks extras meer hoeft te kopen

The Tippmann Stormer is a fully modular 68 caliber marker for all play areas.
 The Stormer series is available in 3 models, which allow different adaptations. The Stormer Basic has our reliable inline bolt system and a robust Tippman typical housing. The Stormer Tactical comes with a tactical front shroud, folding visors front / rear and a 6-way adjustable shoulder rest, which completes the military look. With the Stormer Elite it is also possible to switch between loader and mag-feed configurations.

The features of the tactical version:

- Robust housing
- Internal gas line
- Several Picatinny rails
- Vertical handle
- Proven inline bolt design
- ASA on the handle
- Single trigger
- Offset feed port
- Front shroud
- Flip-up visors front and rear
- Adjustable shoulder rest

verkoop 18+

marker is exclusief hopper en luchtfles