bounce shirt xrcs zwart L/XL

€ 39,95

The brand XRCS is still on the advance and offers with its ProTector breastplate a light, very flexible and above all inexpensive alternative product in the area of paintball upper body protection.

The ProTector breastplates have ergonomically distributed padding in the abdomen, chest and back and optimally protect the player from painful hits. The breastplate is lined with breathable elastane fabric in the rib area. This ensures optimal air circulation and maximum freedom of movement during the game.

Product details of the XRCS ProTector breastplate:

- Ergonomic paddling on the stomach, chest and back
- Flexible stretch material in the rib area
- Perfect protection with maximum freedom of movement
- Suitable for tournament players and Woodland players alike.
- Different sizes and colors to choose from.