Regelbare low pressure regulator paintball

€ 89,95

Infinitely adjustable precision regulator for air pressure systems from the paintball and airsoft sector. This regulator is simply screwed onto the HP regulator of the paintball air pressure bottle and can then be adjusted continuously in the range of 100-300 PSI. This allows you to independently change the output pressure of its regulator and adapt it to the current conditions on the pitch.

Adjustment of the desired output pressure is infinitely variable via the large, hand-operable adjusting wheel on the side of the regulator. It is best to screw the regulator completely and then turn it on slowly until the exact, desired working pressure has been reached.

The currently available outlet pressure can be conveniently read on the side-mounted pressure gauge.

The regulator is suitable, for example, for the following:

- Setting the marker working pressure for Sniper markers
- Setting the outlet pressure for use with and without remote system
- Increasing the working pressure when using markers with faster firing order
- Adjustment of working pressure to the current outside temperatures for better marker performance