HK Army griptape

€ 10,45

SELF ADHESIVE ATHLETIC tape 25m X 2.5cm HK Army in BLACK color.


Improve your game with HK Army ATHLETIC Tape with Extra Sticky Adhesive!
Designed to meet the demands of paintball and airsoft players, this versatile tape is the ultimate fusion of style and functionality.
This grip tape ensures a solid grip and improved maneuverability during play.
Wrap it around your wrists, fingers or ankles to get the extra support needed during quick movements, or take advantage of its superior grip by wrapping the grip tape around the pneumatic system or regulator of your weapon.

With the iconic HK Army and Hostile logos branded onto the roller, you're not only getting top-notch performance, you're making a bold statement.

Dominate the terrain and your gear with this must-have accessory that promises both reliable grip and a touch of aggressive style.

Width: 2.5cm

Length: 25m