Powair hp fles 1.0ltr

€ 68,95

PowAir BASIC Series Paintball Aluminum HP system with a filling volume of 62ci / 1.0L and a working pressure of 200 bar / 3000 PSI. Equipped with the PowAir MAXREG regulator, this HP system offers maximum performance and resilience at a low price.

The PowAir MAXREG has a standard output pressure of 800 PSI which can be converted into a 600 PSI Low Pressure Regulator in just a few simple steps.

Product details:

- Length including regulator:
- Diameter: 50mm
- Weight including regulator:
- Volume: 1.0 liter / 62ci
- Filling pressure: 200 bar / 3000 PSI
- Bursting pressure 310 bar / 4650 PSI
- PowAir MAXREG HP regulator with 800 PSI outlet pressure (adjustable)