Artlife Bumblebee banaan cal68

€ 44,95

Artlife Bumblebee banaan cal68

de bal die geschikt is voor elke marker en die ruikt, en proeft zoals de gele bananen snoepjes dus voor extra fun op het veld moet je deze premium paintballen hebben

Artlife paintballs are made in addition to good value for money, offer exceptionally good quality in terms of performance and flight behavior.

The manufacturer Artlife is the first and only manufacturer worldwide to rely on a 3-layer construction of the shell of its paintball balls. Due to this structure, and the special materials, the paintballs are much longer lasting and less sensitive to external environmental influences. The filling is always 100% PEG, that is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Due to the special structure of the shell, the paint is much longer lasting, does not deform so quickly, and is also protected against temperature changes and moisture (see video). Only when the paint is broken at the target, the shell of the paintballs disintegrates from the inside out by a chemical reaction with UV light and moisture.

We recommend every player to test this paint himself. The quality and performance definitely convince and are worth the small extra charge compared to other brands.

Artlife Bombas Paintballs are among the premium paintballs. They are also known as Bumblebees, named for their eye-catching coloration (yellow peel with black stripes).

They are designed specifically for demanding players. The shell is hard, but breaks well on the opponent. The paint can shoot well through bushes and gets no dents in the magazine. The filling is clearly visible.