Freak xl carbon set ac

€ 224,95

Product information "GOG Total Freak XL Carbon Kit"

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The wait if finally over: Here it is, the complete Freak XL Carbon Barrel, which uses the brand new Freak XL 8" Inserts. No additional back is needed. This lightweight under the barrels weighs in at astonishing 72g. This is less than half of a standard Freak (152g).
The front section has holes in the form of a double helix, which will rotate the paintball and stabilize its trajectory.

Combined with a Boremaster XL, 8 Inserts and soft case, this kit is the ultimate Freak XL barrel.

XL Insert Material: Aluminium
XL Insert Inner Diameter: .679", .682", .684", .687", .689", .691", .693", .695"