PE Dye Follower Upgrade Kit 20

€ 29,95

Planet Eclipse Follower Kit for Dye Tactical Magazine

The Planet Eclipse Follower Kit replaces the standard springs and followers of your Dye Tactical Magazine.

The rounded shape of the followers helps you to load the First Strike Paintballs even easier into your EMEK MG100 and keep them safely in place.

The Planet Eclipse Follower is longer than the Standard Follower. This protrudes into the EMEK and thus prevents "blind shooting" with an empty magazine.
The follower presses against the bolt and blocks it, so that only a soft hiss can be heard.

You immediately notice that your magazine is empty and you don't tell your opponent your position!

One kit consists of 12 springs with followers and is therefore sufficient for 6 magazines 

Dye Tactical Magazine in  size 20.

geschikt voor de dye mags 20