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Planet Eclipse CS2 Ashes4

€ 1.499,00 € 1.399,00
Planet Eclipse CS2 Ashes4

Planet Eclipse CS2 Ashes4

€ 1.499,00 € 1.399,00

The CS2 is a complete new rework of the CS platform and is packed with awesome features. Due to streamlined milling and super lightweight Shaft FL Carbon Barrel-System, it weighs in at only 868 gram with batteries already installed!

The even more ergonomically front grip, much thinner and tool less grips leads to a whole new level of comfort. The frame also has been re-designed with the gas transfer no longer travelling through the trigger guard. If you love the handling of the GEO 3.X, you will adore the CS2.



- Two-piece, Shaft FL high precision Carbon Barrel
- High resolution LCD-Display
- Weights only 868g incl. Barrel and Batteries
- High rate of fire with over 15 Balls per Second (not capped)
- Bluetooth / USB-Interface Circuit Board
- Air through design
- Fast and tool-less maintenance

- Solid Aluminum-Case with Zipper
- Planet Eclipse CS2
- Two Shaft FL Aluminum Backs .689 (silver) & .681 (green)
- One Shaft FL Carbon Tip 14,5"
- New 3rd Generation Cure ST1 Bolt
- New 3rd Generation Cure ST3 Soft Tip Bolt
- Planet Eclipse Allen Key Set
- Planet Eclipse Fett, 10ml
- Planet Eclipse Barrel Sock
- CS2 Spare parts Kit
- Manual 

On the inside, the new Gamma Pro Core purrs like a kitten. The air-efficiency was raised even above the fantastic CS1.X and the new working pressure of 105 psi leads to the smoothest shot you can imagine.

The newly designed trigger assembly allows you to tip and tilt the angle (Rake) of the trigger more than ever before as well as now being able to remove the trigger every easily without removing the frame. Aside from the factory default, no two CS2 triggers will be the same. Just tweak it till it’s your personal trigger.