PE HP 1,1 ltr fles 300bar incl regulator

€ 175,95

PA System 4500 Psi Planet Eclipse black with Protoyz Regulator and 1,1l Armotech tank, Pi certified

The Planet Eclipse lightweight Air Tank powered by Armotech in noble black weighs only 934 grams (with reg), and has a capacity of 1,1l at 4500psi. This air tank set the standard in paintball for lightweight tanks, as it is approx. 18% lighter than an standart 1.1l tank. The core is made of high quality stainless steel and it's wrapped with carbon fiber. This means its not only super lightweight, its also super safe!

The regulator Output Pressure is 850psi and due to the precise micro-manometer the current cylinder pressure can be read at any time. Of course, this Regulator is equipped with a dual burstdisc system, to secure optimum cylinder and outlet pressure.



This HPA Systemis is PI certified! 

Regulators and bottles with PI certification are legal to be transported with a filling pressure over 2 bar on public roads.